Sunday, October 10, 2010

mauro picotto and LANGE

*speedzone it says.

the flyers
the DJ

                                       the party                                    

yeah bebeh.em the event was at KL LIVE on 9.10.10. this is my first experience for such an event like is totally awesome.its freakin me out when the dj start spinning the songs and the lighting was like OMG ! haha.its my first time way too excited.sorry :) .my adrenaline starts to flow at high speed when i see all those people starts to dance *function ! including my bero2 who dancing like oh yeah ! hahaha.well i dont really dance the music.haha.newbies kot.its ok.practice will make perfect.but i trying to get into the songs while my bero2 was like been possessed.hey i love the way they dance.afiq was awesome,aiman was so energetic and amy was the best ! oh im gonna missed i got crushed into someone ! guess who? you'll never know. haha yeah !

too much of words beby !! here i get you some pictures of us. hell yeah i love this :



the GEDIKS & the ASKAR



" i admire you lah cik ben ! " haha.

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