Thursday, October 28, 2010

i have done it

    switch on lappy. loading. wallpaper with shortcuts. click mozilla firefox. type facebook. click new tab. type facebook home and blog dashboard. 14 notifications and 74 friend requests. you see people, online isnt just about chatting. its actually addicting people to use it. somehow online is already my daily routine or a part of me * you can say so although ayah said " kau jangan nak mengadap laptop tu lame2, rosak mata nanti ". poor ayah having a daughter like me. i always talk shits when im boring, yeahh im boring now. the whole day my phone was silent eventhough it is not in silent mode. im stuck in front of this lappy in this messy room the whole day. there is nothing to do. of course i hate chores. im sorry ibu. i just dont know why i hate it so much. this entry must be the terrific entry of all. no stories. no plans. no ideas. here, let me shares with you guys something. i've dont something that really really bad. even i wont forgive myself for doing it. i've done it not only once but twice. i dont know if i should stop it. its bad but on the other hand it gives me something what i didnt get before. it really change my life and theres no one know except for my besties. only them that know how it feels. i wont elaborate more but i just wanted to say that for doing bad things i actually searching for myself. which i dont really know. waiting and searching. how i appreciate my sweet lonely time now. plus, its already be a secret between you and me people. lots of love, beby.