Friday, November 19, 2010

. . . . .

what's love got to do with it ?

ahhh. is there something else that can be the picked up line ?
* oh okay okay. i'll change them.

oh people, life gets tougher when i starts to realise it is actually tough. * giggles.
but yeah my life gets better now as my inbox are empty and there isn't calls from anybody and etc.

you know why ? let me tell you how it gets better :

1. i'm not waiting any calls or messages from anybody.

2.i'm not keep wondering what is anybody doing.

3.i'm not trying to control myself eventhough i know i can't.

4.i follow : "i didn't disturb anybody, they wont disturb me"

5.there is no more news that makes my heart pounds at fastest rate.

6.i will  not be the one who stalks anybody's facebook.

7.its just i, me and myself from now on.

8.stop bothering friends and others

9.i'm trying to learn from my previous mistakes.

10.boys is not my major attention anymore.

you, or you, and yes you maybe will say that how annoying i was to wrote something
like this or might say  " what the hell this bitch talking about " . but surprisingly i dont care of what people thought anymore. it seems to be no effect on me. im sorry. 

*i'd noticed the world starts hating me since i know what is love.

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