Saturday, January 22, 2011

something that we called commitment.

do i really need the commitment ? i dont think so. like faris said, its too early. but ibu said i dont need any commitment ( readers, u know what commitment i mentioning about right ? ) eventhough kakngah said i already have enough commitment as a daughter, sister, student and friend. why the hell should i have more ?
yaa, i can live with that. but ibu, can't u imagine when your friends are talking about their commitments and u are just sitting at one site and listen to the music. huhh. kinda lame. and kakngah of course u know how the "campus life" things going on right ? arghh. i'm in the mood of emotional. u know. the middle of the month. ladies. hehe. but heyy, im okay. im good yeah people ! haha. chill !


  1. dah tu by. ada rezeki ada. bila dah ada , perit jugak kan. bukan best sentiasaaaaaaa.

  2. chill dear.. happy2 okayhhh.. focus kat uitm tuu

  3. fara : ye, sy tau. kadang2 je boring.

    miss JJ : im okayy honeyy. im happy here :)

    amy : takde ape lah amy :D