Monday, September 12, 2011

another person with same attitude

I guess like i've been telling this kind of story a few times, but why am is till writing about it ? Sebab geram lah of course! The attitude, how can these people getting along with such an attitude like that eh. Okay people, dalam hidup kita ni ada kelebihan masing masing. Ada yang sikit, ada yang lebih. But most of the time, yang lebih tu telah disalahgunakan. I mean like show off. Oh my goodness.I know you have skills and you are good at it, but can't you think that there are bunches of peoples who are more better than you ? Alamak, kalau kau berlagak dengan orang yang salah buat malu jelahh. Haihh, kenapa lah orang orang ni berada disekeliling aku ? Penat, pelik and bosanggggggg ! 

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