Saturday, February 25, 2012

Quantity Surveying Sports & Family Day !

On 12 March, the Quantity Surveying students are having our most " glorious and never-to-forget " Sports Day. It is of course because, we the part 3 students who organised it. *Harus lah puji diri sendiri. But I have to admit it, it is the best Sports Day ever, eventhough the preparation for the event is quite challenging. Everybody was having fun, and the classmates, they are super fabulous ! They had fun ! They rock the event ! Hell jyeahhh ! There some spirit burning over here. Hewhew. They are much more than supportive. Thanks to my beloved 3c classmates for being so __________. * Fill in yourself :) Okay, its not the words you wanna read, its the picture you wanna see right ? Tahu dahh -.- okayy jommm.

Help yourself with these exciting moment of us. Yeehaaa !

UiTM Seri Iskandar, Perak.

The event schedule.

The Management Team.

I urus setia yang penting okayy :)
Presiden PERUBAHAN, Audi.


The Futsal Team

Team support :)
Our most charming Fariq tried to be fair as a referee.
The best striker of all ! Lina !

3c futsal team !

The guyss.

They playing so hard, don't they ?

Thats my boy :) hewhew.
The Takraw Team

Big Bero Budin !

Adek and Serah.

The Netball Team

Center of the year :) hewhew

You go girl !

Sweat it out !

Hottt 3c Netball Team !

Such a great day people, we are all having fun so much sampai terbakar muka sebab panas. 
The Sports Day end well for 2 days. Then we continued with our Family Day.
Guess you'll have to see these :)

Looking delicious ? Hewhew.

Hottiess in house !

 Its the play time kidsss ,

In The End ,

Part 3 with love.
Quantity Surveyors becoming !
These are the winnings of 3c !
And that just how it goes.
The end.

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