Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A week to study week, I am weak !

Hello guys, yes its me again. For the few of my past entries I didn't write much, I'm sorry, kinda not in the  mood I guess. I have been very busy with all the assignments, tutorials and tests. Hidup ini tidak bermakna tanpa kerja kerja ku. Sobs. You know what, i have a week more before my study week starts. Yeay ! Study week ? Wasn't it the looonnngggg holiday ? Balik Melaka ? Home with family ? Movies with Fara and Denan ? Damn, how exciting ! Tapi kan tapi kan, jadual exam kite pack. So kite kene manage study schedule kite betul betul. Warghhhh ! Nak balik Melaka :'( Sobsob. Tak tahu lahh boleh balik ke tidak, I'll decide later and I'll let you guys know then. Take care people :) 

Love, beby :)

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