Monday, July 16, 2012

Finally, after 3 semester.

Salam and hello guys. Feeling great ? Cause I'm about to talk about something that make me feels great. You know, after all ups and downs from Matriculation, I entered UiTM and now I'm in 4th semester. For the first time, I'm on the Dean's list. Yeah I'm aware that dah berlambak orang dapat dekan, congratulations geniuses but do they have the challenge to get it ? I mean, I am the Quantity Surveying student. What do you expect ? Since high school I'm in pure science class, up to Matriculation I'm also in Science Stream. Suddenly in UiTM I'm in construction line ? Like tak dapat diterima akal right ? Well, alhamdullilah I managed to achieve my dream on my 3rd semester. I am grateful. Not to forget, thanks and congratulations to my beloved classmates who help me so much and of course my dear Ammar Hakimi. Lets share the great feeling !

Imma happy kid :')