Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Iftar with Beloved Classmates

Since iftar session semester lepas at Shabu Shabu, jarang dapat gather ramai ramai hang out sekali dengan classmates. Kalau ada pun, just lepak lunch or dinner ramai ramai kat uptown je. But for Ramadhan, harus ada iftar session for our class for every sem. So this time we having our iftar at Noodle Chef House located in Manjung district. The concept is buffet, a very welcoming restaurant and there are PLENTY of FOOD ! We choose buffet because emm emm alaa biasalah bulan bulan puasa ni, nafsu masing masing macam biawak. Tambah pulak ada classmates berperangai keberukan yang terserlah, so lagi lah memerlukan makanan yang banyak. No lah, cause last semester we already chose steamboat, so nak tukar lah sem ni punya meal. Tapi kan tapi kan, harga yang everyone kene bayar maintain RM20.00 sama macam sem lepas. Haha, pandai betul Atiq cari tempat. Makan best, murah and banyak. Itu lah student requirements kalau bab bab makan ni. Okay now sila lah tengok beruk bernafsu biawak menjamu selera :)

4 semester we've been together, they were my brothers and sisters of the beruk family. Minta maaf lah if ada  gambar sesiapa yang tertinggal sebab banyak sangat gambar, photographer pun ramai, DSLR, Blackberry, Samsung, Sony dan lain lain. Errr, banyak lahh, tapi tapi kejap eh nak tengok nafsu biawak cane? Kejap.

Biawak punya.

Biawak punya jugak

Biawak punya lagi.

Biawak punyaa lagi lagi.

Biawak punya lagi lagi lagi.

Saya punya nafsu BIAWAK.

 Terserlah kebiawakan dia. Hahaha, tu baru seorang yang makan. Belum yang lain lain, banyak wooo. Lagi dasyat diorang makan tau. So it end up with semua orang happy and full and happy again and then lapar balik, cause they decided to overnight. Tapi tak semua adaa, kitaa tak join. Tsk tsk. Sedih. But I had my fun, and I appreciated it. So thank you to all my loves and looking forward for another gathering next time. 
I love you so much guys :')

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The people don't even care !

Recently, I've been disturbed by some of  the so called " over-published-about-her-self-girl " posts. At first, I wont bother the posts published on my TL but from time to time I feel like it disturbing. Not only me, but everyone who read it. Like, do you have to tell the whole world about " How good you are ", " How lucky to have your boyfriend " or " How rich I am ". That is so immature. The point I'm saying is, like no one is better than you. Come on, people know you. You don't have to tell them, you just make things feel awkward. When others who are richer than you, clever than you and far better than you read the posts, they will be laughing. Including me, pity you girl. But wait, I know what is on your mind now. Excuse me, I am far from jealousy, no worries. I have a very wonderful life and I love to be me. I didn't have to tell others, plus they love when I'm being myself. So girl, just chill and have some down to earth time. Plus, you always make shame of yourself. Please, people do not talk personal things at the public. Take it as sarcasm, I wont care cause this post is appointed to " over-published-about-her-self-girl ". I mean no harm, and I'm sorry if there is anyone who read this TERASA.