Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The people don't even care !

Recently, I've been disturbed by some of  the so called " over-published-about-her-self-girl " posts. At first, I wont bother the posts published on my TL but from time to time I feel like it disturbing. Not only me, but everyone who read it. Like, do you have to tell the whole world about " How good you are ", " How lucky to have your boyfriend " or " How rich I am ". That is so immature. The point I'm saying is, like no one is better than you. Come on, people know you. You don't have to tell them, you just make things feel awkward. When others who are richer than you, clever than you and far better than you read the posts, they will be laughing. Including me, pity you girl. But wait, I know what is on your mind now. Excuse me, I am far from jealousy, no worries. I have a very wonderful life and I love to be me. I didn't have to tell others, plus they love when I'm being myself. So girl, just chill and have some down to earth time. Plus, you always make shame of yourself. Please, people do not talk personal things at the public. Take it as sarcasm, I wont care cause this post is appointed to " over-published-about-her-self-girl ". I mean no harm, and I'm sorry if there is anyone who read this TERASA. 

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