Sunday, October 14, 2012

A day with Shashishusho :)

I admit that i don't have many friends here.
Just classmates, roommates and some other friends.
Not like when I was in Malacca, everybody is my friends and I'm happy with them.
Especially my ladies, they are my angels, we are meant to be together.
I don't give a damn what people say, I just love them.

But here, in Seri Iskandar, things are bit different. The people are different.
The way they talk, the way they think, the way they live their life.
I've learnt a lot from them, positive and the negative.
After 4 semester, there is something bothering me and I'm starting to realise that,
I don't have any what-so-called angels, guardians,ladies,shorties and bff here!
Nahhh, not one ! Ops, there is one, Achid Atiq.
But "she" is more like my bro, you know. 

Its okay, I'm used to it. Boyfriend says that it is my fault since the first time I always hanging out with them boys *classmates* and didn't mix up with the ladies. Its not that I don't want to be friend or mix with them, I'm just feeling awkward or the suitable words to use is I am SHY. Yes bebylahh is a shy shy meow.
Besides, that time I think that I can handle myself and Atiq will always be around for me.
Tapi tanggapan itu meleset apabila Atiq and the gang telah duduk di luar campus.
I am very sad, depressed, and etc. 

Now, I'm trying to be friends with everybody since everybody know that I'm a loner.
*over acting, macam desperate sangat takde kawan kawan*
Luckily, masih ada yang nak berkawan dengan bebylahh.
Hahaha, ayat macam aku ni seorang manusia yang dibenci je.

Tapi sekarang kann, Shashishusho ada :)
Siapa yang kenal kami since part 1 mesti diorang pelik.
Why ? Because bebylahh and shashishusho once became enemy.
Hahahaha, so silly of us masa part 1 dah ada nak gaduh gaduh.
Tapi itu tidak lama, hanya 1 semester * tak lama  lah sangat *
Now kami okay, kami stabil, we help each other a lot,
and for the 1st time, we going out just the two of us :p
Takde orang lain, takde kawan lain, takde yang lain  lain and I like that.

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