Thursday, December 13, 2012

Windows 8

Since my previous entry yang kecoh pasal template yang ala ala Windows 8 gittew, I just installed the real Windows 8. Hehehe nampak sangat macam so in love with this windows punya performance kan ? Yes I am, thanks to Raauf, the one who introduced me to this new window. Even though hanya installed di laptopku Pavilion g4 yang tak semegah mana, still I'm lovin it. 

Sebelum install rasa macam ragu ragu, then macam macam soalan keluar. Okay ke benda ni ? Failure ke ? How did it'll go ? Can i convert back to my old window ? All the negative things are in my mind, tapi macam biasalah. Nabilah Selamat the one who always ikut hati and just redah everything. And after done installing, I was like " Omg, my laptop was like brand new." and there are voices in my head singing "shine bright like a diamond"  LOL tiba tiba.

How can I not loving my new window you tell me ? Haha, budak jakun memang excited macam ni. Cause I am way back of all these gadgets/technology things. Excited but dont know how to use it *lame*. Baru baru lagi ni so masih tak pandai nak handle this thing, nanti lama lama okay lah. Heshhhhh. You guys should try this new window, it'll change your laptop personality and the "shine bright like a diamond" song will came out. Hehe. 

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