Thursday, January 31, 2013

Feeding The Soul

Trying to feed the soul something old yet not forgotten.
Something that familiar.
Something that been thought since I was a child.

Scorpion, Deep Purple, Eagles, Santana.
My soul is hot and bothered.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

" Where do I find like these piece of shit ? 
Best shit I ever own Fara and Denan "

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Long not-so-lost twin !

Remember Aquissya ? Oh if you do know her clearly you've been following my previous entries. Yup she is the one that I always mention as my twin. Also my wing-man when I was in matriculation *see, I can't live without wing-man. Okay, the thing is I haven't met my twin for 2 years long, rinduuuu sangat sangat okay. We had conversations like "Yeah maybe while I'm in KL kita boleh meet up." "Lets meet up, lepak minum." for a few times but she is busy and I have no time too. Terpaksa extend rindu lagi. Hmm.

One day, Aien bbm me and asking bout hotels in Malacca, I was like "Kenapa ? Nak datang Melaka ke ?" and Aien was like " Yupp" so we ended like yeayyyy. Fuhh tak sabar ni Qusyaa nak datang dengan Aien. Tapi sayangnya diorang sampai Melaka hari Isnin, and I'm working on that day. Tak dapat lah jadi tourist guide yang tak bertauliah. Hmm bebylahh is sad. 

So, the 3 of us met and have our dinner. Macam segan jugak mula mula, lama kot tak jumpa lagi satu sebab Qusyaa memang sopan santun orang nya, tak banyak bercakap sangat. So bebylahh lah yang membebel ape tah over our dinner. Borak punya borak punya borak, then nak gerak tapi tak tahu pergi mana. You know Melaka kalau weekdays memang mati so masing masing pun tak tahu nak pergi mana *malunya dengan guest.

Finally, I suggest to lepak minum dekat Malaccafe. New cafe actually, even I pun tak pernah try lagi. So we went there, having cheesecake and banana split. Padahal baru lepas makan tadi. Then sambung borak lagi dengan Qusyaa, tanya Aien macam macam cause this is my first time meeting her. Relax habis Aien tuu, hehe. So, lepas tu we say our goodbyes and few snaps of course. I'm glad to meet her in person :')

Aquissya Zaini

Nak jugakk Bebylahh, hewww.

Sama tak sama tak ? Tak sama ?

Yang ni ? Tak sama jugak ?

Kenapa da tak sama lagi ni :'(

Okay nampak sangat dah tak sama. Tsk tsk :'(


p/s : Dulu sama tau :'(

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I think I maybe think too much.

Tie a knot in the rope, tryin' to hold, tryin' to hold,
But there's nothing to grasp so I let go.

P/s:  Everytime i broke up, P!NK will come out with new break up song,
       its like the song is for me, what are you trying to tell me actually P!NK?

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Wingman (as if we are men)

Right after Shasha told me she already have a blog, I was like yeay, another blog to stalk, haha. So this morning I sign in to blogspot and just got an idea to promote this budak kecik's blog. But then when I open her blog, the latest entry she post is THIS ! Hahaha, I'm surprised, I'm shocked, I'm touched. Bukan apa, like i said in my previous entry, I don't mix around with girls so much in SI. She is the only one *besides Atiq that I can call my wingman like Barney Stinson calling himself Ted Mosby's wingman. Hee, thank you so much Shahida Shaima Shamsudin and welcome to blogspot ! I'll be your  no 1 stalker, hee love :*

Guys, do blogwalking and follow Shasha's blog