Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Wingman (as if we are men)

Right after Shasha told me she already have a blog, I was like yeay, another blog to stalk, haha. So this morning I sign in to blogspot and just got an idea to promote this budak kecik's blog. But then when I open her blog, the latest entry she post is THIS ! Hahaha, I'm surprised, I'm shocked, I'm touched. Bukan apa, like i said in my previous entry, I don't mix around with girls so much in SI. She is the only one *besides Atiq that I can call my wingman like Barney Stinson calling himself Ted Mosby's wingman. Hee, thank you so much Shahida Shaima Shamsudin and welcome to blogspot ! I'll be your  no 1 stalker, hee love :*

Guys, do blogwalking and follow Shasha's blog

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