Saturday, February 16, 2013


You know what people, I just realize something.
The more you care about others, the smaller you feel yourself.
The more you give fuck, the more you gonna get fuck up.
So, stop give fuck about others.
Then only you gonna be happy as you are.
How grateful am I to realize all this.

Thanks to my loves, Denan, Fara, Adha, Acha, SS, Shasha, and Fariq.
Girls, I love you so much and thanks for understanding.
Fariq, you're irreplaceable and I'm not gonna trade you for the world.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stressing out much ? Here, have some coke.

Hello peeps, for the past 2 weeks I've stressing out in preparing/completing 3 of my draft reports for practical training assignments. Surely its a last minute of work even though dah tahu tarikh kene submit report tu bila. Haha very typical. But, why waste time by doing only draft right ? I mean, alang alang dah buat habis kan terus. Lepas ni tak payah nak rushing nak buat lagi.

Like seriously, I forgot that I have assignments for the practical training. Wahh, kau ingat kau praktikal takde report nak kene buat ye. Lain lah log book, which everyday you have to write like a diary. Then, when the submission date is just around the corner baru lah bbm/whatsapp geng geng buat kerja last minute. Haha, again typical.

Stress ? Of course. 

Time constraint is the major problem. To be able to finish it on time is a big no no, haha. Plus, I have to make quotations for my report B which takes forever. Lucky I have gather around some information before. The force resulting stress. Alhamdulillah, I manage to submit it on time which is yesterday. I bit regret of myself cause it didn't work out as planned and the ECA is not  complete. 

So, to celebrate my kejayaan menghantar report on time I treat myself a bottle of vanilla coke. Guess what ? SORE THROAT ! Ye, kau memang pandai bebylahh dengan cuaca macam ni selamba teguk coke. Bijak.


Here for you guys a few snaps when I was visiting site for 'Blok Pentadbiran Kolej Risda' project.

Didn't see a bit of quantity surveyor is it ?

This is the project that I have chosen for my report A and ECA as well, it is already 80% completed and is expected to complete in February, 2013. Due to some restraint of the contractor, the project is 8% delay. After visiting and evaluating, there were meeting held regarding the delay and becoming ceremony at Kolej Risda.

And the architects is so ______ *melting*