Thursday, February 7, 2013

Stressing out much ? Here, have some coke.

Hello peeps, for the past 2 weeks I've stressing out in preparing/completing 3 of my draft reports for practical training assignments. Surely its a last minute of work even though dah tahu tarikh kene submit report tu bila. Haha very typical. But, why waste time by doing only draft right ? I mean, alang alang dah buat habis kan terus. Lepas ni tak payah nak rushing nak buat lagi.

Like seriously, I forgot that I have assignments for the practical training. Wahh, kau ingat kau praktikal takde report nak kene buat ye. Lain lah log book, which everyday you have to write like a diary. Then, when the submission date is just around the corner baru lah bbm/whatsapp geng geng buat kerja last minute. Haha, again typical.

Stress ? Of course. 

Time constraint is the major problem. To be able to finish it on time is a big no no, haha. Plus, I have to make quotations for my report B which takes forever. Lucky I have gather around some information before. The force resulting stress. Alhamdulillah, I manage to submit it on time which is yesterday. I bit regret of myself cause it didn't work out as planned and the ECA is not  complete. 

So, to celebrate my kejayaan menghantar report on time I treat myself a bottle of vanilla coke. Guess what ? SORE THROAT ! Ye, kau memang pandai bebylahh dengan cuaca macam ni selamba teguk coke. Bijak.


Here for you guys a few snaps when I was visiting site for 'Blok Pentadbiran Kolej Risda' project.

Didn't see a bit of quantity surveyor is it ?

This is the project that I have chosen for my report A and ECA as well, it is already 80% completed and is expected to complete in February, 2013. Due to some restraint of the contractor, the project is 8% delay. After visiting and evaluating, there were meeting held regarding the delay and becoming ceremony at Kolej Risda.

And the architects is so ______ *melting*

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