Thursday, March 21, 2013

Serigala Besar Jahat.

Peeps, I know you know that BBW is the biggest book fair organized in Malaysia. Guess what? This lame Nabilah didn't know until Along went to BBW 2012 and tell her about it. *face palm* But this year, Nabilah is a little bit advance than last year, she know that there will be BBW 2013. She make a very good plan to drag both of her sisters to this event.

So, she decided to take a day off and follow her parents to pick up her grandparents, uncle and aunties from KLIA.  LOL alasan je sebenarnya nak ikut jemput orang balik umrah padahal dah deal dengan Along the night before nak pergi BBW petang tu. Hewhew. Sadly, Kakngah tak dapat ikut sebab dia tak nak ponteng kerja. Hmm, hilang peluang nak pau dia tsk tsk.

When they get there, Nabilah is a bit disappointed sebab Along said that last year they open the whole hall for this event tapi kali ni separuh dewan sahaja. But those books can't make her down, she said to Along that they have to split then, "you get your bitches and I'm gonna get mine." (bitches = books)  LOL


Some of Nabilah's

Nabilah loves it but Along force her to put it back :(

Along's big catch


Along <3 td="">

Alhamdulillah, she manage to rembat a stack of books. Tak boleh lebih lebih sebab orang belanja so ambil yang penting and interesting sahaja. By the way thanks Along :) Nabilah is grateful hee. A few days later, Nabilah saw Maqchu uploaded a picture of books in Instagram and she ask "Maqchu pegi BBW ke ?" and the conversation goes like 

"A'ah aku pergi BBW tuu"
"Oh yeke aku pn pegi jugak, kau pg dgn siapa?  "
"Dengan kakak aku, hari Ahad sbb Sabtu kerja."
"Ohh aku pergi hari Jumaat, patut lah x jumpa"

So that is Nabilah's 1st experience for BBW event, she love it a lot. Check out Maqchu's madness at BBW here, Maqchu's Catch and you'll know how kegilaan dia terhadap buku. Kalah Nabilah, okay byee !