Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I'm not that perfect you know, and I don't expect my friends to be perfect too. The thing is, I am not comfortable with someone who has this one attitude called show off. Now I'm a bit disappointed because I see that attitude among my friends. If you love our friendship, please baby, drop that attitude. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Getting bored with my words ?

Bosan kan ?
Sebab selalu kene baca entry about bebylahh's life kan ?
Membebel tak tentu pasal je kan ? kan ? kan ?

Not anymore
 Now you can just scroll your timeline and SEE not READ
part of my life that I share with you people.
But still, if you prefer reading, this blog is remain updated.
Just in case, you're wondering :

Who I hang out with?
Where did I go lepak during weekends?
When do bebylahh exercise her tummy?
What is bebylahh's current size zzzzz?
Did I get shorter or what?

by following my Instagram, lol.

It's still about me just you don't have to read it, that is the different.
Ihiks, kbye.