Friday, May 31, 2013

End of semester break & Harapan

Hello again bloggers, its already 31st of May which means there's only a week left before my final semester starts. Yawn, how time does fly isn't it ? Well, gotta be fully prepare to face those haters, posers and lecturers. Its gonna be tough semester when I'm alone with all the subjects and final project, not literally. From what I heard, Ayah gonna send me back to the prison early than I thought. Duhhhh, boring !

Sedih. Sedih nak tinggalkan apa yang ada dekat Melaka. Apa ? Semua. Sayang nak tinggalkan, kalau boleh nak pack semua dalam beg bawak sekali, hmm tapi mana boleh kan. Eeee kalau fikir fikir boleh buat stress je, mohon haters, posers and whatever losers out there don't mess with me. I ain't got no time to deal with your cheap drama. Hope Nabilah gonna be strong enough next semester.

So today is my last day working as junior QS, great experience I tell you. 
Good bye Tany.

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